Hopmeadow Animal Hospital

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Ultrasound Examinations

   Ultrasound examinations at Hopmeadow Animal Hospital are performed at our hospital by a Board Certified Internist.

   Ultrasonography is an advanced imaging technique that uses sound waves to provide veterinarians with a real time moving image of your pet's internal organs. The procedure is a very useful diagnostic tool to help our veterinarians make a diagnosis or to monitor ongoing conditions. This non-invasive procedure is painless and there are no chemicals used. An ultrasound procedure is particularly useful for diagnosing abdominal and cardiac problems and can be useful in detecting abdominal fluid, tumors, and foreign bodies and other illnesses.

   The difference between x-rays and an ultrasound is that a x-rays show the size, shape and location of the internal organs, while an ultrasound allows the veterinarian to visualize all aspects of the organs and determine their functionality.