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Digital Radiology

   Radiographs can aid in the diagnosis of many disorders. Hopmeadow Animal Hospital uses a digital x-ray system. Traditionally, veterinarians used film and chemical developing to view x-ray images. Now with digital capability, images can be captured and viewed quickly, then the images can be managed and enhanced. Ultimately the images can be stored indefinitely, there is less environmental impact, and the images can be exported to other specialists.  




   Dr. Hal Mooney is also certified in Penn HIP radiology. Penn HIP is a not-for-profit veterinary health service located at the University of Pennsylvania. Penn HIP is a radiographic screening that evaluates a dog's hips to predict the onset of osteoarthritis (OA) or degenerative joint disease (DJD). This method assesses, measures, and interprets hip joint laxity. To read more go to :  Penn Hip or call us at 860-658-1931 for more information.