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Geriatric Care at Hopmeadow Animal Hospital:  

      With the wonderful advancement of veterinary medicine, our pets are living longer. With this increased lifespan, subsequently there comes a rise in the types of ailments that can affect the senior pet. Generally smaller breed dogs (maltese, toy poodles, pugs ) and cats are considered senior when they reach the age of 10 and larger breeds of dogs (golden retreivers, labrador retreivers, standard poodles, boxers, great danes) reach their senior years around the age of 7.

       Scheduling regular examinations is the most important step that senior pet owners can make to help keep their pet in ideal health.  Senior pet care, starts with regular veterinarian exams. Keep in mind that every year for a dog and cat is equivalent to 5 to 7 human years. For this reason our veterinarians recommend twice a year exams on senior dogs and cats. The extra exam is needed to catch and delay the onset or progress of disease and for the early detection of problems such as kidney disease, arthritis, and organ failure.  Also during the examination process the veterinarian can address the physical changes in your senior pet as well as nutritional changes, possible pain management and possible sensory changes you pet may be experiencing.