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In-House Laboratory & Diagnostic Testing


Two Adult Cats


Hopmeadow Animal Hospital is equipped with top of the line in-practice blood analyzing equipment. We use our in-house blood diagnostics to take a "snap shot" of your pet's overall health. The analyzers are used in our daily wellness programs and for sick or critically ill patients. 

Complete Blood Count (CBC) analyzes the cellular portion of the blood and measures the number and health of the blood cells.

Blood Chemistry analyzes the fluid (or plasma) portion of the blood and measures the amount of certain substances in the body. These substances include electrolytes (such as sodium, potassium, and chloride), fats, proteins, glucose (sugar), and enzymes. The values give us important information about the health of your pet's organ systems (such as kidney's, liver and heart) and muscle and bone. 

The results of these tests help us to formulate an accurate diagnosis, prescribe proper therapy, and monitor the response to treatment. 

Hopmeadow Animal Hospital also works with several external laboratories for a wider range of comprehensive diagnostic testing to further evaluate blood, urine, bacterial cultures, sterile fluids and biopsies.