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News From Hopmeadow Animal Hospital

Spring-time is here! After such a mild winter, the fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are out in full force; now is the time to check your supplies of flea and tick preventative as well as heartworm preventative. We recommend that all dogs receive a monthly heartworm preventative such as Heartgard or Revolution year-round. Did you know that cats also can get heartworm? You can read more about this dangerous disease at www.heartwormsociety.com. We recommend that cats - indoor and outdoor - be treated with Revolution for cats, which prevents heartworm as well as treating and controlling fleas, ticks, roundworms and hookworms. Flea and tick prevention for dogs (such as Frontline or Revolution) should be used in the months when the weather is consistently above freezing. We hope that you and your pets enjoy the warm weather, and don't get too muddy!! 

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