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Judy Henderson is a long time friend of Hopmeadow Animal Hospital. Her amusing anecdotes can be found in her weekly column in the West Hartford News as well as other local newspapers. Here she shares some of her dog-related thoughts and stories. Enjoy!

H  I N  K  I  N  G    O  U  T     L  O U  D


Dog people.


There's no such thing. And I know that because I was a dog person — right up until a little cat named "Whispers" came along. Abandoned not once but twice, he had actually lived in the home we'd just bought. So when the neighbors, who'd kinda/sorta been caring for him, asked if we would watch him Thanksgiving weekend — and did so Thanksgiving morning with their bags packed and motor running, I agreed. Around dusk, in he came, heading straight to the basement.


Curious, I followed him down, only to find him curled tightly into himself on a totally empty shelf, grateful for nothing more than the warmth and familiarity of that crummy spot. Well, that was that. I quickly made him a soft bed in a cozy moving box. And by the next afternoon, our guest room — along with a proper bed, real feeding bowls, toys and treats, some primo catnip, 24/7 maid service, and my heart — were his.


Whispers left us last year. But for the last eight of his 16 years, he had the best life two humans and a couple of goofy dogs could give him. And I know that because whenever we four went for a walk, he'd join us, proudly proclaiming, "I have a family again! Yes, I do!" Maybe he was lucky. But we were luckier.



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